Everything that a child experiences from the day they are born prepares them for School.

Everything that a child experiences throughout their early education in Long Day Care and Pre-school prepares them for attending school.

A Transition to School Program focuses on developing the skills that will help a child adjust to and thrive within the Primary School environment.

Through the Transition to School Program we aim to;

  • Empower children to look forward to making the transition to Primary Schooling.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships and mutually respectful communication between families, children, early educators and primary schools
  • Work to encourage the input of educators, parents, schools and children in the transition process. Parents and extended families are valuable participants in this process as they know their children intimately and are able to greatly assist the transition process.
  • Identify children as capable learners with rich prior learning rather than being ‘ready to learn’.
  • Provide a transition process that is flexible and responsive to the differing needs of children, families and schools.
  • Provide a comprehensive, innovative transition program that includes ongoing evaluation and reflects a continuous learning approach
  • Provide support for early childhood educators with; ongoing training and development, dedicating time and resources to the transition processes and recognition of their achievements and their efforts.