We understand that children learn through play and they love to explore and learn. We are committed to creating stimulating learning environments which will inspire each child’s love of learning and their social development. We offer educational programs based on play that are developed and supervised by qualified teaching specialists.

We aim to help children develop positive self-concept and self-esteem and increase their independence through facilitating their learning process by providing a variety of experiences suitable for individual children’s interests and abilities.

Our programs are based on observations of the children and includes the Emergent Curriculum ideas from the children themselves. Our programming is based on the interest of the child but also includes theme and life skilled based learning. The emergent curriculum takes into account the “whole” child. Each child’s ability, personality, style of learning and rate of development is unique and as teachers and carers at our centres allow the child to develop through their interests.

Babies are unique and have their own patterns for play, feeding and sleeping. This means each child has their own individual program that is developed around their individual routines at home. The program is very nurturing and supportive to your babies needs. Toddlers Love exploring so we make sure that our programs provide the children with lots of different and educational opportunities to enhance and develop this.

The preschool environment will be filled with the potential for learning and be used as a partner in the learning process. Children will be encouraged to be responsible for their own learning by promoting choice in their daily activities.

Activities and experiences are chosen by the children and are guided by staff in order to find a natural balance to provide an optimal learning platform. The activities and experiences will balance stimulation, flexibility, uniqueness, diversity, creativity, investigation, experimentation and discovery with reliable routine of familiarity, consistency, security and warmth.

All children have an individual port folio, containing individual child observation of their development and interests.