daycare centre vs kindergartenMaking the decision to send your child to a caregiver is not easy to conduct. With several factors weighing in, such as quality of care, price, availability and more, you are bound to have a difficult time finding an answer. However, cutting down the options by looking at the most popular solutions is a great way to start. In that case, you’re best shot at finding your best-suited child care is by comparing a day care centre with a kindergarten. Let’s begin!

A Day Care centre provide developmental programs, while Kindergarten schools offer instructive programs for particular children age groups. The teacher-child ratio in the daycare centres differs depending on the children’s age groups. The vast majority of kindergarten programs possess a single certified teacher and a single teacher assistant in every class group. In both of these programs, both the teachers and associated staff are needed to keep open communication and dialogue with the parents, and to inform them of the development and progress of the children.

Opening Hours

The kindergarten classes are generally based in their respective elementary schools and function during the regular school daily hours. Their programs placed at elementary schools can be half-day based, with 3-4 hour programs beginning during the morning or afternoon hours. Alternatively, children can be part of full-day programs in the . On the other hand, a day care centre provide extended functioning hours when compared with elementary schools. Certain daycare centers provide kindergarten programs that have functioning hours which extend over the regular opening hours of the elementary schools.

Teachers and Employees

Generally, Kindergarten programs are usually provided for children of 4-5 years of age. These programs prepare students for their following year at primary school, and teachers must organize their learning activities that will relate to particular core curriculum programs created for children in the program. “As per the Early Childhood Education and Care Regulations all Day Care centres must adhere to the following ratios. For all Centres with over 25 children staffing must include: At least one early childhood degree trained Teacher and at least 50% of Staff to have or be working towards a Diploma in Children’s Services (this will change in 2018 when 50% of all stuff MUST have a Diploma in Children’s Services). All other staff in the centre must have, or be working towards a certificate III in children’s service

Learning Activities

Day Care providers create age-appropriate activities for child development, while Kindergarten teachers typically structure subject-based creative activities that promote the children’s academic skills.  When children attend school as an integral part of Kindergarten, their day-to-day schedules consist of the core academic components, such as reading, science, art and math. Independent time of play and certain outdoor activities may have limitations when compared to day-care programs. Day care programs have teachers that organize activities which help the children with cognitive, emotional and social development, and provide supervised play periods for kids in every single age group.

Child Care

The various kindergarten programs don’t generally incorporate services of childcare, while daycare centers focus primarily on providing childcare programs. These programs may include morning of afterschool childcare programs, along with full-day care for toddlers, infants or older children. Even though many of the former programs take place in elementary schools, certain elementary schools also provide after-school or early-morning child care for all of their enrolled students that isn’t part of the regular class.

Kidz Childcare Centres’ Renowned Philosophy

We, at Kidz Childcare Centers, strive to provide quality early childhood care and learning services. Our primary goal in our work is to instill the children with important life skills that will ultimately allow them to experience rewarding and fulfilling participation in all social environments. We bring this idea to life by providing the children with various opportunities of working together in a cooperative manner, practice non-violent strategies to conflict resolutions and to examine human relations.

We are fully convinced that high self-worth and positive self-esteem help a child enjoy high emotional intelligence, which provides him or her the ability to cope with various challenges that life has to offer.

In order to implement our safety commitment to the children, visitors and staff in our centers, we maintain a strict security policy in order to ensure advanced degree of care. All primary entry points to our facilities are equipped with a sophisticated intercom system which allows our staff members to screen individuals before providing access. In addition, if the child is picked up by somebody different than the parent or authorized person, then you have to send in a written notification to our centre every single time.