childcare costs wollogongSearching for somebody to take good care of your toddler or child is quite an excruciating task. Finding the ideal person to trust is probably even harder. There’s no doubt that you want only the very best for your precious child and a childcare center can provide a warm, fostering and secure environment. In today’s world, when finances are often getting tight, researching childcare costs is imperative to help plan for that additional expense.

When looking into the economic factor and conducting your calculations, there’s one thing you always want to keep in mind – you usually get what you pay for. When it come’s to your child’s safety and security, you don’t want to leave your child in the hand’s of a person who has no idea what he or she is doing. A daycare centre has the qualified professionals to help your child develop both physically and mentally, without compromising their safety. The extra buck may often be a wise investment.

Important Factors

The Child’s Age

Age is an important consideration. Childcare costs for babies from 0-2 years are usually more expensive as higher educator to child ratios are required. For Children aged 0-2 years of age a ratio of 1 Educator to 4 Children is required (1:4). For Children aged 2-3 years the current ratio is 1:8. In 2016 this requirement will change from 1 Educator to 5 Children (1:5). For children aged 3-6 years of age the ratio requirement is one Educator to 10 Children (1:10).

Place of Residence

Childcare differs from city to city. Therefore, your specific geographic area is probably the biggest factor in determining the ultimate child care cost. Rates are generally based on the city’s living costs, yearly salary income, the population, modernism and unemployment rate.

Operating Hours

Whether your small one’s care providers is a stay out or stay in caregiver, a relative or establishment, the hours that are put into taking care of your toddler is largely observed. Certain providers have a fixed price while others don’t. This all depends on the schedule agreed upon the parents and care provider.

Day Care Centers

Days care prices highly depend on where you reside and the final quality of the day care centre. At Kidz Childcare Centers, we charge per day, We understand the financial pressures families of today face and that is why we try to keep our fees as low as possible. Our fees and charges are adjusted each year in line with the cost of living. Our fees are amongst the lowest in the area. Since we are a truly professional daycare center, you don’t just pay for the caregiver’s services, but also for the operating costs and reliability.

Why Choose Kidz Childcare Centers?

We, at Kidz Childcare Centers, understand what it is you’re searching for in a child care centre: a stimulating, nurturing, safe environment, with qualified and caring professionals. It all comes down to ‘the vibe’ one gets when entering our child care centers – a sort of happy, busy-calm balance.

It’s not always a simple decision to use a child care centre in Singleton in the first place. It’s a greatly emotional period for the parent and the child – we fully understand that and we’re right here to help in every way we can. A reliable early learning centre and home nurturing environment is the ideal combination in order for your child to develop their optimal potential. In addition, it will help them properly prepare for school.

Given their quick development (over 90% of a child’s brain is established by 3 years of age), children have to engage in various stimuli and activities that feed their need for knowledge. We make sure that the children are right at the centre of all that we do. Kidz Childcare Centers in Wollongong, Singleton & North Nowra is fully committed to working with you in order to provide the perfect environment for your child’s early learning, both at home and at our centre.

With the families being our main partners, we can truly inspire a real love of learning that can help the children to embrace numeracy and literacy, which are key to reaching their maximum potential.