Understanding what a day care center is and what they do exactly is important for both you and your child. Let’s help you understand the topic by providing information and answering some of your questions.

What is a ​Child Day Care Centre​?

Education and Care centres (as they are officially called) are licensed early childhood care centres that provide all-day or part-day teacher-led services. Most of us know them better as ‘Childcare’ or ‘Daycare’ centers. In layman’s terms, it is basically a center where one can leave his child for the day without the need to worry, since there are professional caregivers available to take care and teach the child.

The major advantage of sending your child to a childcare center is the fact that they are to interact with other kids of similar age. Learning, playing, interacting, sleeping and eating with other children of identical or similar age will help them socialize and not be shy, scared and hesitant during their first day in kindergarten.

Day care centers will help your child begin the learning process at a very early age. Such small-aged children learn very quickly, thus it is quite important for your children to arrive to day care, since there are qualified professionals who can help your children begin their initial learning process.

The staff team at our day care centers is well educated and trained in knowing exactly what to expect from your child. Some children may be slow learners without their parents ever noticing their symptoms, which can put a lot of stress on the child. Our experienced daycare center staff is fully aware of such situations. Since they frequently deal with children of all sorts, they can easily detect indicative symptoms and help the child overcome the problem in no time.


Routines are an essential component of every young child’s day. In childcare centres, everything that occurs during the day (from when the child initially arrives until he or she leaves) is an integral part of the program, even without recognizing it. This may be a routine as easy and simple as a parent labeling the ‘fridge good’, placing it inside the fridge and placing the bag in the cloak bay.

In the early period of childhood, there is no formal play or class time. Part of what the children learn is the way adults organize their days for them through familiar routines. Routines at the child day care centre are relatively loose, lunch during a certain period, some quiet time during a certain period, tidy up during a certain period, etc. Children have to feel truly secure in knowing the way the day is going to pan out.

Our Renowned Philosophy

We, at Kidz Childcare Centers, strive to provide quality early childhood care and learning services. Our primary goal in our work is to instill the children with important life skills that will ultimately allow them to experience rewarding and fulfilling participation in all social environments. We bring this idea to life by providing the children with various opportunities of working together in a cooperative manner, practice non-violent strategies to conflict resolutions and to examine human relations.

We are fully convinced that high self-worth and positive self-esteem help a child enjoy high emotional intelligence, which provides him or her the ability to cope with various challenges that life has to offer.

In order to implement our safety commitment to the children, visitors and staff in our centers, we maintain a strict security policy in order to ensure advanced degree of care. All primary entry points to our facilities are equipped with a sophisticated intercom system which allows our staff members to screen individuals before providing access. In addition, if the child is picked up by somebody different than the parent or authorized person, then you have to send in a written notification to our centre every single time.