child care centre wollongong nowra singletonLooking for a child care centre you can trust and rely on? Perfect, because you’ve definitely reached the right place!

Facing the decision of which child care centre to provide your child is probably one of the most crucial you’ve ever had to make. Kidz Child Care Centres in Wollongong, Nowra, Surfside & Singleton, are well aware of that and are fully committed to providing excellent child care services. As a matter of fact, our family-owned company has been doing so ever since 2004!

Since we are parents, just like our clients, we know what standards you expect when having someone else take care of your child. We aim to provide a warm, loving and secure environment, which is absolutely essential to their growth and development. There’s nothing more important to you than the health and happiness of your child, which is why our staff are fully devoted to achieving exactly that every single day.

Why Choose Kidz Child Care Centre?

Kidz Childcare Centres understand what it is you’re searching for in a childcare centre, a stimulating, nurturing, safe environment, with qualified and caring professionals. It all comes down to ‘the vibe’ one gets when entering our child care centres  – a sort of happy, busy-calm balance.

It’s not always a simple decision to use a child care centre in the first place. It can be an emotional period for the parents and the child – we fully understand that and we’re right here to help in every way we can. A reliable early learning centre and home nurturing environment is the ideal combination in order for your child to develop their optimal potential.

Given their quick development (over 90% of a child’s brain is established by 3 years of age), children thrive when engaged in various stimuli and activities that feed their need for knowledge. We make sure that the children are right at the centre of all that we do. Kidz Childcare Centres are fully committed to working with you in order to provide the perfect environment for your child’s early learning, both at home and at our centre.

With the families being our main partners, we can truly inspire a real love of learning which is the key to children doing well in formal schooling.

Our Renowned Philosophy

Kidz Childcare Centres, strive to provide quality early childhood care and learning services. Our primary goal in our work is help children develop a love of learning, along with with important life skills that will ultimately allow them to experience rewarding and fulfilling participation in all social environments. We bring this idea to life by providing the children with various opportunities of working together in a cooperative manner, practice non-violent strategies to conflict resolutions and to examine human relations.

We are fully convinced that high self-worth and positive self-esteem help a child enjoy high emotional intelligence, which provides him or her the ability to cope with various challenges that life has to offer.

In order to implement our safety commitment to the children, visitors and staff in our centres, we maintain a strict security policy in order to ensure advanced degree of care. All primary entry points to our facilities are equipped with a sophisticated intercom system which allows our staff members to screen individuals before providing access. In addition, if the child is picked up by somebody different than the parent or authorised person, then you have to send in a written notification to our centre every single time.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable child care centre in Nowra, Singleton, Surfside or Wollongong, you simply can’t go wrong with Kidz Childcare Centres! We would love to welcome you into our special family and look towards sharing this important and special time with you and your child.